Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stalking the Wild Dragonflies

It's not that I haven't noticed nor appreciated them before..but I have not actively studied them, stalked them, photographed them nor tried to ID them..Now, camera, binoculars & ID books on standby, I stalk the wild dragonflies.. (please feel free to correct ID!!)


                                                   Indian Island County Park

Female Painted Skimmer..ain't she sweet..
a Salt Marsh treat!
Dragonflies belong to the insect class: Odonata  from the Greek "odonto-", tooth, refering to the strong teeth found on the mandibles of most adults. These little beauties are predators, feeding on large numbers of smaller, flying insects..yum..mosquitoes!

The lifespan of an adult dragonfly is short, they live just long enough to mate and reproduce..several months at the most, and are more likely to die of predation than old age.

                                                              Hubbard County Park

Seaside Dragonlet, this is a female in "male form"
..a cross-dresser I guess

This is a female properly attired..
these little beauties swarmed the salt marsh

Seaside Dragonlets are the only dragonflies in the
Western Hemisphere that can breed in undiluted seawater

From the seaside to a pond..found deep within the newly opened Brookhaven State Park

Calico Pennant..enjoying the sedges pondside

They perch facing away from the water,
to search for mates..after all..there isn't much time..
Eastern Pondhawks..

Shared the ponds edge

As did a Damselfly.. Atlantic Bluet, I think

Damselflies are a different suborder of Odonata, (Zygoptera) with a more slender abdomen and wings held close to the body.

Today I saw the dragon-fly
Come from the well where he did lie...
Thro' crofts and pasteurs wet with dew..
A living flash of light he flew ~ Tennyson  (More will surely flit thro' this blog!)


  1. I swear, sometimes I like the dragonflies more than the butterflies. All those electric colors!

    1. Dragonflies are a new enthusiasm!

  2. Love your photos and narrative. Dragonflies are a favorite of mine and you captured wonderful photos.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, and for following. I am following you now too!

  3. Very well done Cindy - great post.

  4. Beautiful dragonflies and great captures!

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by HK!

  6. You captured some nice photographs of dragonflies I haven't seen before-or atleast that I haven't identified.

  7. a lot of different species than those in Florida. So pretty!

    Impressive captures, dragonflies aren't the easiest of the flying critters to photograph. Admirable!