Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Wash Windows..

First, gather all your equipment..point & shoot, DSLR, binoculars..Since you're on the deck to wash upstairs windows, might as well take a shot of the vegetable garden from the deck..

Those are self-planted Asian Raspberries on fence, left..I had thought they were native 'til a year ago. They're for the birds. Rubus odoratus (native Thimble Berry)  will eventually replace them..

Wait, what is that in the woods...??

A young Baltimore Oriole in the rose bush..
waiting for a chance at the berries...

 And look at the butterflies in the flowers...Camera in hand,  down to the garden..


Pink Edged Sulphur

Monarch in for a landing

Dreamy Dusky Wing (Skipper)

Northern Pearl Crescent, opened

And shut

Oh right, the windows..back up onto the deck, wax on, wax off..but look, young robins are searcing for berries!

They crouch, then fling themselves into the berries

A fledgling waiting on the fence

Makes it into the berries..

The window does get, one window..but this morning I don't even pretend..


Breakfast with a Bluejay
And a Robin
A Tiger Swallowtail drops by to say hi

American Painted Lady, case opened
And shut..the windows can wait!

To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else ~Emily Dickinson


  1. Ha ha.. Nice window washing. Great shots!

  2. Nice garden, pics, ad view. Way to wash the windows!!!

    1. Thanks Luis! I should be out kayaking anyway ;-)