Saturday, November 10, 2012

Near Pond

That really isn't it's name. This pond doesn't have one. It may be a sump for surrounding apartments, I always thought that's all it was. I drove by it for 30 yrs..literally. The trees hid most of it from view. I knew there was water there, but had never explored..until last summer...And so I have learned that natural beauty lurks right under your nose, in the darndest of places, where you would never just have to look..

The path around the pond, can you see the water in the distance?

Here was a miniature Eden..home to cattails instead of the invasive Phragmites.

Cattails, Greene's Rush (Juncus greeniei) and the glow of Golden hedge Hyssop (Gratiola auria), one of the few places this native flower survives on Long Island

Golden Hedge Hyssop (Gratiola aurea)

Dragonflies and Damselflies cavorted along the shore 
and soared over the water.

A Blue Dasher in no rush.

  A twelve spotted skimmer in Gratiola glow.

Atlantic Bluets enjoying a bonding experience.

                                             Calico Pennant hanging out.

Eastern Pondhawk on the shore

                            Widow Skimmer

There were many other native wildflowers!

Sickle Leaved Golden Aster (Chrysopsias falcata)
Hairy Bush Clover (Lespedeza hirta)
Northern Pearly Crescents enjoying a roll in the clover

The white flowers in the grass are Boneset

 Eupatorium hyssopifolium 

Pink Wild Bean (Strophosyles umbellata)

Some plants tho' beautiful, were not so native..Backyard pond-plant escapees

Wildly invasive Water Hyacinth  (Eichornia crassipes)
I pulled these out, as soon as I had identified them.

And other denizens..
Delaware Skipper

A toad stool (sorry, no ID)

And a Fowler's toad.

So much life in a small space, with Ospreys and hawks often circling overhead.. I took the "Road not Taken" and this made all the difference..Go out, explore!