Sunday, February 17, 2013

Survey Says!

A flock of Twenty Two Turkey's visits regularly
..this is a "lookout"

The Eastern Long Island Audubon Society (ELIAS) sponsors feeder surveys throughout the year..In the spring and summer I am often too busy gardening to participate..but in the depths of winter what better thing to do than watch the flights of fancy outside your window..or to be more exact..outside the deck and patio doors....

There are three Downy woodpeckers..two males and a female..Don't aske me how they sort that out..their  whirring wings signal their arrival and their staccato chirps kep me company..

Who me?

Can you find us in this tree? Look high and low!
The little female flew into a door one day, despite our spider web decals..but she was rescued and flew be seen again each and every day

A femail Hairy Woodpecker visits too

Sometimes she has some preening to do..
The two Red Bellied Woodpeckers are shy..
A Northern Flicker occasionally comes by
..see his yelow shafts?

There are a pair of White Breasted Nuthatches
Three Red Breasted Nuthatches.
Three Titmice 
Two Song Sparrows..isn't nature's camouflage grand?

Four Black Capped Chickadees.. they like the bare Buddleia
whilst they crack open sunflower seeds
This is not a bird.. Baby it's cold outside!
We feed them too!

Fluffed against the cold..
there are a pair of Carolina Wrens

Of course there are Dark Eyed Juncos..
I counted 22 during the blizzard.

We got 30" of snow February  8th

Female Junco in the snow..

Have I mentioned Mourning Doves?
At least five regulars..


Song Sparrow..see my streaky breast
and  center spot?


In all my blue glory! Five of us come for peanuts!

I am looking towards spring!
Birds  also surveyed, but who did not properly pose..A Pair of Northern Cardinals, a Cooper's Hawk and a Sharp Shinned Hawk ( no one was eaten ...).

The love for all living creatures is the most noble aspect of man~ Charles Darwin