Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wekiwa Springs State Park

Wekiwa River

Comprising 7.800 acres, including the springs that bubble up to form the headwaters of the Wekiva River, this state park offers a glimpse of what Central Florida might have looked like when Timucuan Indians lived there. More recently though, Creeks and Seminoles occupied the land. These acres are surrounded by innumerable housing developments,whose residents are surprised to see the occasional Black Bear who wanders out of the park..

Wekiwa Springs is a popular swimming, hiking and kayaking destination. I have been there many times, but have never explored properly, nor did I this time..Orlando visits revolve around family.. and this was the first time for nature foot and by kayak.. 

Brown Anole, a non-native
out-competing the native Green Anoles

Alligator Lillies (Hymenocallis palmeri) were in bloom along the river. 

My first ever close look at a Red Shouldered Hawk

See the eponymous red shoulders?

The Little Blue Herons were numerous and friendly

Curious at the bridge over the swimming hole..

More regal on the river

Intent on fishing

My time on the river had been short,
but full of wonders
The next evening, I found time for a brief walk along one of the trails..

Sand Pine Scrub Land

Palmetto & Scrub Pine are the dominant species

Lichen on the pines..light was fading..
Time to squirrel myself away (Fox Squirrel)
One does not sell the land the people walk on~ Crazy Horse


  1. Another wonderful post Cindy. You have some really outstanding photos in this one. Love the herons, the hawks, the alligator lilies-I love them all!

  2. Very nice post, Cindy! I need to get back there soon.

  3. Awesome photos, Cindy. What a wonderful place!

  4. Beautiful post, Cindy. Terrific photos!

  5. Great views of the Redtailed Hawk! I have never seen a little blue heron, nice! Wekiwa Springs looks lovely.

  6. Great subjects for your photos and they came out great! Funny what the world is coming to. We now have to prove we're not robots! Thanks-

  7. Breathtaking photos, wonderful post! Looks like a great place!

  8. Loved your pics and descriptions. Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. I think alligator lilies are my new most favorite flower. incredible! thank you for sharing, your pictures are a delight for the eyes.