Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birders Who Blog Tweet and Chirp

A fluid group that meets wherever Dawn Fine (@DawnFine on Twitter) happens to be in her travels with "Homey".  See Dawn's great blog if you haven't: (Bird lists for the day are there!)
On October 15th 2011 I was privileged to be able to join the excellent group birders & photographers that convened in Wilton Connecticut.
In the beginning was the parking lot.
We met at Allen's Meadow.
A community garden and small meadow.
Our fearless guide Luke Tiller stalks the meadow for birds.
 There were more birds in these gardens and small meadow than one would imagine. Our avian friends flock to any small wild space. Garden! Turn your lawns into meadows!

Welcome wildlife.

To our gardens!

The big rig!
Many types of sparrows were generously pointed out to me..Savannah, Swamp, Vesper..the last two were life birds. As was a Blackpoll Warbler. The only sparrow that willingly posed for me tho' was....

And I was grateful.

The gardens were home to many Goldfinches..and to my delight I witnessed a Momma and a fledgling. I had never seen a fledgling Goldfinch.

Feed me Momma!

If you insist
A little brush stroking here, for a soft-focus shot,
but I am sharing it because I adore the pose!

@birdspot & @birdinggirl catching up

Black Capped Chickadee catching some morning rays

Enjoying breakfast.
Our group then moved onto a Starbucks break in downtown Wilton CT., then across the street and over a bridge to Schenks Island..another small oasis for life. I saw my first juvenile Cedar Waxwing and a Dickcissel was spotted by many as a life-bird. I only got bottoms up..

The Big Year?
Beautiful but invasive Porcelain Berry
A Cairn leads the way
as we head to lunch
and then to our last stop for the day.

Sherwood Island State Park, on the Sound
Trying to scare up a Salt Marsh Sparrow
Got a great look at a Peregrine Falcon in flight..and a closer look at another life bird..a Palm Warbler.

And listened to a Mockingbird

By then, we were winding down.
Thanks glowing Dawn!


  1. Awww~ Thank you for joining us! Damn~ you saw more birds than I did...I was chatting too much! Great pictures of the Goldfish fledgling,and the berries..and the mockingbird..and the Three Big Year Birders :) Lets do it again sometime!

  2. Love the goldfinches AND the chickadee!

  3. Great recap Cindy! I had a great time as always- it's so nice to see familiar faces on our BwBTC trips. I wouldn't miss them for the world.

    Happy Birding!

  4. Nice memories!-I like the shot of Luke sneaking through the weeds and your goldfinch photos.

  5. Ahhhhhh, now I have my answer! I finally posted about this day today. You are now appearing on Kathie's Birds! Hello Cindy!