Friday, August 19, 2011

Kayaker's Paradise: Raquette River & Simon Pond , Adirondacks, NY

I am in love. I could live on its banks and paddle the long lazy Raquette River everyday.. 'til the snow flew. Raquette River is a thirty mile meandering melody flowing from Long Lake to Tupper Lake, via Simon Pond, Raquette Pond and a stretch of marshland. Its flows so slowly one can paddlle either way w/out too much efftort. There is one 1.3 mile carry, around Raquette falls, at the Long Lake end.
Lobelia cardinalis in the shadows

Up close and personal.
A Hummingbird was seen feeding on one.

Blue Winged Teal were plentiful, and very tame

Pink Meadow Sweet
Spiraea latifolia

Grass Leaved Arrowhead
Sagittaria Graminea

A Greater Yellow Legs flew in briefly
Then there was the juvenile Great Blue Heron

Who up & flew away
A lovely ending to the day..
Raquette River flows into Simon Pond, then Raquette Pond and finally wends its way through marshes to Tupper Lake

Raquette Pond
Yellow Water Lily
Nymphaea mexicana
Can be a noxious weed out of its range
Fragrant Water Lily
Nymphaea odorata

Full moon over Simon  pond

What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt—it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn't want to go anywhere else. — (Hal Boyle)


  1. Lovely post! Love the heron photos, the water lilies and and cool, serene look of the place. Wish I could kayak on the river with you. :)

  2. Relaxing looking at all your photos. Feel like I'm right there on the River. Esp like yr photo of Raquette Pond!

  3. Nothing like a slow-moving "ship" on water to get great photos! Wonderful shots!

  4. We just had a nice kayak ride today in Chatham, Your place looks lovely! The photos of the pond and lilies or gorgeous!

  5. Love the heron in flight pic. Looks like you had a wonderfully peaceful time and the flowers are gorgeous. Did you visit my other sister on your way up? She lives in the North Country (Glens Falls to be specific). BTW, I want one of those fancy ducks with the blue tinged wings

  6. Thanks so much for a great post! I grew up in NYC and spent several summers at camp near Lake Placid. One of our favorite canoe trips was on the Raquette River! Thanks for bring back such fond memories! -- and BTW I "Stumbled" this post!

  7. your blog is so soothing...I love the Adirondacks....used to spend alot of time there in the 80s.....I need to do a blog round up soon and give you a Shoutout....thanks for always being such a wonderful spirit here, Twitter etc....grateful...